Our History

The discipline of industrial safety was formalised in Singapore in 1973 under The Factories Act. Since then, progress in terms of productivity and occurrence in industrial mishaps have brought increased recognition of the value of Environmental, Health Safety (EHS) at the workplace. Besides regulations, industries have increasingly realised that they need to understand and control risks in their operations in a quantified and formal manner. To assist the Management of these industries to understand and manage the environmental, health safety of their operations, MAKESAFE Consultants & Associates was established in 1993.
Our Mission

The mission of MAKESAFE Consultants & Associates is to work with people in organisations to improve their environmental, health safety; and hence to carry out this task, the company has a group of qualified and accredited safety professionals with many years of practical safety experience. They are fully supported by the MAKESAFE Group’s very own Resource Library, which contains volumes of EHS materials and a wide collection of audio visual aids. The company has also corporate membership ties with the International Safety Council (USA), National Safety Council (Singapore), Singapore Institution of Safety Officers & Singapore Human Resource Institute.

Being able to offer our clients a total package comprising everything they need to promote environmental, health safety at the workplace gives us an enviable edge in our business. With pride, MAKESAFE Consultants & Associates therefore invites you to work alongside us to fulfill this mission.


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